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Our Story

A decade of Granola

NOFO CRUNCH GRANOLA began in 2010 when Deana Reyburn decided to modify a family recipe for a granola that would be an organic healthy alternative to other mass produced cereals served for breakfast at an inn where she was working with her husband Dan in the Hudson Valley of New York State. The popularity of the granola continued upon return to the NOrth FOrk of Long Island and in 2012, to meet the demand from friends, family, and co-workers, the couple created packaging and a website to begin making NOFO CRUNCH.  As sales grew so did the need for a larger production facility and in 2014 Nofo Crunch joined the Stonybrook University Small Business Incubator kitchen in Calverton.  This allowed more efficient production of the old world artisan method.

It was soon found in many retailers and restaurants from the East End to NYC.

In 2018 they decided that snow and winter were no longer part of their plan and they relocated to Jacksonville Florida. With the relocation, the name NOFO CRUNCH didn't really describe the brand accurately anymore, so they decided to rebrand for a more global appeal, with the name Good Earth Granola. Drawing on inspiration and a common love of the book by Pearl S Buck and the reference to the "good ground" of the North Fork as described by the settler farmers of the NOFO, it seemed a natural choice.

What separates this granola from the bulk producers is a few things. 1)the nut content. Almonds, walnuts, and coconut make up 48% of the recipe. This is a huge difference from other brands. 2) the freeze dried fruit. Conventional drying methods (raisin style) only retain 43% of the original fruit nutrients compared to 92% in freeze drying. 3) simplicity.  Only 7 ingredients. Organic honey is the only sweetener.


Alternative recipes – Yes besides on yogurt, our granola is great as cereal in almond milk, takes cheap vanilla ice cream to the next level, sprinkled on goat cheese with a drizzle of aged balsamic is a great hors d’oeuvre, crusting/breading for seafood and meats, or straight out of the bag as a trail mix!

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